“The Salon Professional Academy is more than just a school. It is a learning environment where you will gain more than just the minimum. The student is and educators are great and are always willing to help with ANYTHING you need…like I said, TSPA is more than just a school. We are a family.”
Elizabeth H
“The Salon Professional Academy is very educational and has great educators. I have made many great friend and memories while learning all the things I need to go into a salon and be all on my own.”
Katie M
“TSPA has a great education program. I love being a student esthetician here. I’ve learned so much and all the educators and other attending students are very friendly at this school.”
Holy H.
“The Salon Professional Academy was the most welcoming school I have ever been to. You walk in the door and they treat you like they have known you for years. They want you to leave and be successful. The educators here sincerely care for you here. I sometimes feel like I have nine other moms. In all its just a fantastic place to begin your career path.”
Tori Oglesby
“The atmosphere of TSPA is absolutely amazing! We are like one big family. We have a prestigious education program that exceeds your expectation and I am honored to be a part of it!”
Emily Crider
“I like our school the most because they teach you a lot but most importantly they challenge you and motivate you to be the Top 20 stylist you strive to become.”
“I came in here totally clueless to the magnitude of knowledge I would gain in cosmetology. The science in what and why we do what we do…It’s FUN! Even more, it’s rewarding to know I have that knowledge and it grows everyday. So thank you to the Instructors who inspired my growth and confidence.”
“The Salon Professional Academy is not only a school of learning but it’s also a place to gain confidence and gain life long friends. I’m very grateful that I chose TSPA as my school.”
“I love how everyone here is really friendly!”
Rachael A
“I came into The Salon Professional Academy the Saturday before the November class started, enrolled, and started that following Tuesday. It was a quick decision but one of the best one’s I’ve even made. I have made life long best friends and I have started off a fabulous career that I will love and have so much fun doing for the rest of my life. The instructors are the bomb dotcom! TSPA is the best school! I love being a part of the TSPA family!”
Haley R.
“The Salon Professional Academy has been life changing. I have made some of the best friends a girl could ask for and created lifetime memories, all while earning an education that will stick with me forever. Going to this school will create opportunities that are endless. I love it here!”
Jessie R
“I toured other schools before coming to TSPA. The Salon Professional Academy stood out to me as being the most professional, and as having the best educational opportunities. Coming here is the best decision I’ve ever made.”
Meagan S
“I have really enjoyed my educational experiences here at TSPA. I love how hands on the educators are, how much they care, and how they do their best to ensure that we have a firm understanding.”
Kayln K
“TSPA has great educational and learning experiences, the educators and staff are amazing. I’m truly blessed to be a part of this school/family.”
Sabrina P
“TSPA Little Rock has amazing instructors who really know what they’re doing.”
Chrisuna S
“TSPA is a very professional learning environment, it’s gotten me on the right track, and given me an amazing start in the cosmetology world.”
Crystal T
“TSPA is about changing lives, one head at a time. Don’t wait, make the change. It’s the best thing I have ever done.”
Megan W
“Coming to TSPA was the best decision I ever made. The educators, administrators, and other students here have given me confidence and pride in the career that I’ve chose.”
Korri J
“I love the quality of education I receive from The Salon Professional Academy. The instructors are well educated, informative, approachable, and always willing to take as much time as needed to ensure that every student walks away from this school with a quality education. It’s an excellent choice and I’m glad I made it. I have no doubt that I will have a successful, pleasurable, and lucrative career that I love!”
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